About the Comic:

Three young kids deal with life, love, water monsters, teleportation, super science, and all the other crazy stuff that comes along with being superheroes.

About the Characters:

NAME: Simon Morris
SUPER ALIAS: Everywhere Kid
SIDEKICK TO: Everywhere
SUPER POWER: Teleportation

AGE/GRADE: 12/6th Grade
LIKES: Food, video games, sleeping, taking photos, Math
DISLIKES: School, homework, old people things, guns

NOTES: Foul mouthed, loud, and hyper, he's the hugely popular first super sidekick. He's been bribed with video-game money to hang out with his step-dad's/Everywhere's weird friend Julius's nephew, Sergio.

NAME: Sergio Carter

AGE/GRADE: 12/6th Grade
LIKES: Everywhere Kid, cute girls, romantic literature, making diagrams, reading, homework
DISLIKES: Disorganization, Art class, Gym class,

NOTES: Subdued and somber, he's staying with his 'uncle' Julius. He was on a playdate with a loud mouthed kid named Simon when he found out that his uncle and all his uncle's friends are superheroes- Simon included- who just so happens to be his idol, Everywhere Kid.

NAME: Nilus
SIDEKICK TO: She's not the sidekick
(Atlantus is her sidekick)!
SUPER POWER: Water manipulation, limited appearance transformation, and super strength

AGE/GRADE: 12/6th Grade
LIKES: Octopi, sailing, Everywhere Kid, exploring
DISLIKES: Lying, deserts, long meetings

NOTES: The reigning king of Atlantis, she's been taking English lessons with Julius and has just met up with Simon and Sergio via nearly drowning Sergio when they came to her magical doorway swimming pool in the basement level of Julius' estate. She just wanted to play.

NAME: Dr. Bradley Thorne
SUPER ALIAS: Everywhere
PARTNER TO: Everywhere Kid
SUPER POWER: Teleportation

AGE/DAY-JOB: 25/Physicist
LIKES: Family, food, Math, justice, basketball
DISLIKES: Badguys, swearing, filling out forms

NOTES: Mild-mannered and eternally patient, he's trying very hard to raise his foul-mouthed, teleporting, hyperactive sidekick step-son, Simon. He often super-partners with friend and fellow superhero, Julius/The Gentleman.

NAME: Julius Catargiu
SUPER ALIAS: The Gentleman
SUPER POWER: Flight, Super-strength, accelerated healing, low level magic

AGE/DAY-JOB: 187/Investor (independently wealthy)
LIKES: Cooking, baking, cleaning
DISLIKES: Rudeness, irresponsible people, waking up early

NOTES: Old fashioned and impeccably- and oh so Britishly- polite, Julius has just found himself in the care of his 'nephew' Sergio. He's at a bit of a loss how to balance the care of this young boy with his 'lifestyle' and his superhero night job. He often tries to get advice from friend and fellow superhero, Bradley/Everywhere.

NAME: Samekh
SUPER POWER: Super-strength, accelerated healing, low level water manipulation

AGE/DAY-JOB: 21/Military General
LIKES: Ladies, sailing, fighting
DISLIKES: People who don't keep their word, people who talk too much, stormy weather, politicians

NOTES: Seemingly stoic and serious, he's actually extremely laid back, and pretty rowdy once he gets going. He's charged with protecting King Nilus and is her second-in-command of the Atlantean military. He's also a very good babysitter.


Adriana Ferguson
Kristen Van Dam

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