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23 Jan 2012 07:59 pm

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interpunkt, 23 Jan 2012 07:59 pm

Hey hey! Back from our 'accidentally longer then we meant it to be' hiatus! Sorry about that! We both got sick, one right after the other, and then the traveling for holidays before that, then the normal 'we have big long day jobs' thing. But we're back!

ALSO! Issue 3 is back in stock! So everyone who was waiting patiently, they're back up in the SHOP!

Thanks SO SO much for all the patience! We love you guys so much for sticking with us!!

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selfinversion, 23 Jan 2012 08:17 pm

Elsewhere, back over at that one place from earlier! XD

anonymoose (Guest), 23 Jan 2012 08:19 pm


JessieVincent, 23 Jan 2012 08:22 pm

Oh and I bought the first and second volume on Whamix, yesterday!!! Thanks so much, love you guys:)

Secrets, 23 Jan 2012 08:22 pm


Cannetella, 23 Jan 2012 08:26 pm

Ooh, these folks again.

randompersonofdoom, 23 Jan 2012 08:29 pm


BluePhoenix9, 23 Jan 2012 08:45 pm

Welcome back!

I love your transition description~

TheFluffyOne (Guest), 23 Jan 2012 09:16 pm

But how does he know where Jet is? HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS AGHSGIKHDGKJNBWOUHGGthatlippiercingissoadorable <3

*Suki*, 23 Jan 2012 09:37 pm


xmissxspunkyx, 23 Jan 2012 09:40 pm

My guess is Quentin is making people dead.... Poor folks shouldn't have kept Jet. :T

ImaginaryPerson, 23 Jan 2012 09:54 pm

He's wearing the hat.. He's killing them for seeing him in the hat, isn't he? I can't really blame him thouh...

Mari-p, 23 Jan 2012 11:20 pm

OMGosh welcome back you two! Sorry to hear that you became sick that sucks but glad you're all better now! :D

And Quintons making people dead, isn't he? And love the second panel of Jet and your description at the top for location! x3

DecoPinkDingo, 23 Jan 2012 11:31 pm

being sick stinks- glad youre feeling better!

UpcomingArtist, 24 Jan 2012 05:22 am

I'm glad your back! I can't wait for more.

Kittogo Nashumi, 24 Jan 2012 05:45 am

Clingy little bugger ain't he?

L_Lupin, 24 Jan 2012 07:45 am

Jet :)
Is it wrong that I actually find him cute? :3 But he still has nothing on Sergio <3

Yangyexin, 24 Jan 2012 10:29 am

Oh it's that guy from that place before.

rinalicat, 24 Jan 2012 01:47 pm

I really think something bad is gonna happen...please don't kill him.

Andy Roo (Guest), 24 Jan 2012 07:15 pm

Hurray! Welcome Back!

Uhm... yay evil Quinton...? =( **P.S. methinks Quinton's power has to do with time. Super-ages people to make them dead, reverses to make them small... would make him ultimate anti-Everywhere villain**

Maybe now Jet will stop crying xD

MaliceJay, 24 Jan 2012 10:03 pm

Ahhhh Jet how I miss you!!! ;///3///;
Welcome back you guys! ♥ ♥ ♥
And is evil Quintion killing someone??? ;~; *scared*

MeintheMaking (Guest), 24 Jan 2012 10:42 pm

Oh noes, those are death sounds I hear! And Quinton, I'm not sure if I should love his cuteness, or fear his cuteness...

lilmissbunnybitch, 25 Jan 2012 11:59 am


Vintidora, 25 Jan 2012 12:33 pm

He just makes people dead
welcome back! Sorry to hear about your sickness (how do you pluralize that anyway?) ....okay my brain hurts.

I love Quinton he's so cute, absolutely nothing on Sergio but so cute. I love how Jet has his own invisible wind machine that just blows his scarf everywhere.

I can't wait to tell my friends you guys are back! Thanks for updating on my birthday best present ever!

Ravenwood316, 25 Jan 2012 11:13 pm

Omg I love this comic! I just found it today and read the whole thing in three hours! I think bad things are going to happen to Jet... Can't wait for an update!!!!!!

Guest, 26 Jan 2012 08:32 pm

Why are the bad guys so hot?! He's just so attractive :3

Guest, 27 Jan 2012 04:34 pm

Welcome back, glad you both feel better! :D

izthehero (Guest), 28 Jan 2012 10:44 pm

Just found this comic today, read through it entirely and ordered all three volumes- I'm LOVING it. (I want an Everywhere Kid shirt next. *A*)

And besides the adorable kids, I think my favorite part about this comic is the kids' interactions with their mentors, ESPECIALLY Bradley and Simon. That panel earlier on, when Simon put his forehead against Bradley's and told him to be safe was just SO sweet it won me over in a flash.

tara (Guest), 29 Jan 2012 07:30 pm

WAIT-HE'S A GUY?! *flips table* 0.0 whuuuuuuuuuuutttt?

Dark (Guest), 30 Jan 2012 07:10 am



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