About the Creators:

Adriana Ferguson (aka- veryvery)
Penciller, bg sadness-er, large crowder-er, writer.
Likes: Comics, Artbooks, Art supplies, Boring history shows, Fish (to eat), Archeology (also to eat),Batman, Brainiacs (1-13), Katamari.
Dislikes: Scanning things, spicy foods, spiders, Karate Kid (not the movie).
Abilities: To know useless historical trivia and explain the meaning of parts of words.



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K. Van Dam (aka- interpunkt)
Inker, clothinger-er, letterer, adder of circuitry-er, writer.

Likes: Comics, Tiny pens, Shaky pencils, Aliens, Princes, Horror movies, Deep sea fish, cheese, eggs, Brainiacs (1-13), Prof Zoom.
Dislikes: Moths, Monkeys, Bouncing Boy (I hate that guy).
Abilities: To know what's going on in a TV show without ever looking at it with my eyes.


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Adriana Ferguson
Kristen Van Dam

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